Digital transformation is challenging our established business models and disrupting entire industries. Well beyond our comfort zone of tools and systems, digital is transforming every aspect of our lives!

Qualisoft has teamed up with Milan Guenther from the eda.c, and we are happy to invite you to this working breakfast on Enterprise Design practice.

As analysts, architects or designers, we are in a unique position dealing with this complexity and informing digital strategy. In this workshop, we will showcase how to model the enterprise from the outside-in, connecting the customer experience to operational processes and the human workforce.

Using the QualiWare modelling environment, we will look into:

  • Assessment: evaluating opportunities for innovation and transformation, gathering data for meaningful stakeholder conversations, problem framing and modelling scope
  • Measuring: Customer Experience metrics as part of a global business architecture, enabling traceability to business process excellence and delivery quality
  • AI, Robotics and Digital Workplace: making sense of innovations when they appear through bottom-up modelling of human interactions and technology components
  • Lean and Agile: engaging the right people to make rapid progress using Enterprise Design Sprints and lightweight, opportunistic models

The course is held in Qualisoft`s offices in Tollbugata 24 in Oslo.


08.00 - 10.30

Digital transformation - Enterprise design - Customer journey mapping

Milan Guenther

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